Why Should You Pay for a Subscription Plan for Your Laundry?


Subscription services come in all forms, from beauty boxes to complete wardrobes. One particularly lifesaving subscription service is for your laundry. Just think about how much time you have to spend on dealing with it.

It typically takes me 10 hours a month, plus two more hours to schedule pickups, weigh the bags and pay invoices on the delivery. You waste even more time if you have to travel to a laundromat and wait for your clothes. You also have to consider the opportunity cost associated with being available at the pickup or delivery venue. You get all this time back with a subscription plan for your laundry, along with the ability to spend it doing what you want.

Professionals handle the washing and folding. You don’t have to worry about deciphering the symbols on the tags or remembering which pieces of clothing require special care. Just sort everything into dry clean, air dry, stain, and wash and fold bags. Your clothes will be happier and last longer, with the colors staying vibrant. We even have a super low-cost subscription package to cover stains and minor repairs such as a missing button.

Plus, have you looked at gas prices lately? They’re continually climbing, so having a laundry service swing by and pick up your dirty clothes saves you at least $16 per month in gas. Some laundry delivery services, such as Lavero, charge you the same price that you would typically pay at the laundromat. You’re just cutting out the inconvenience and costly drive.

How Does the Laundry Subscription Plan Work?

You don’t have to do a lot of work to get started with a laundry subscription plan. Fill out the straightforward registration form with your address, weekly pickup date, the type of plan and your payment information.

You’re done after that! You won’t have to schedule, weigh, pay or drag your bag to the laundromat whenever you need clean clothes. The laundry service comes to your place every week, just like your local waste management.

In one or two days, you have clean and folded clothes brought back to you. The laundry service doesn’t even need you to be there for the delivery. It’s time to change how you wash your clothes.

It’s time to think about how valuable your time is. Change how you spend it. Advance your career, study for an upcoming exam, read to your baby or hang out with friends, as opposed to doing laundry. Give it a try! It’s hard to go back to doing laundry the old way afterward.