Lavero Laundry – Live Laundry Free

Kids getting you tired? Has it been a long day at the office but you still have a ton of laundry to clean? Let’s face it: doing laundry can be downright dirty. And it doesn’t help that it can be tiring, too. But the great news is that doing laundry doesn’t have to be a solo job. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be your job. You can outsource your laundry to laundry service experts and grab your day back when you subscribe to a service like Lavero Laundry.

But why subscribe to a subscription, you may ask. You already subscribe to a ton of other things, from streaming services to magazines. The difference is that when you subscribe to a laundry service, you get to take advantage of saving time. You can buy a lot of things but you know what you can’t buy? Time. Your time is already taken up and we only get 24 hours a day. But you can still get it all done when you buy the right services that help you make the most of your time.

A laundry service helps you save time. Instead of spending 10 hours a month doing your laundry, the kids’ laundry or even the cat’s, you can subscribe to a laundry service to get back those valuable hours. Even if you think you are already saving time by dropping your laundry off to a local cleaner, it’s not uncommon to spend hours on scheduling laundry pickups, weighing each laundry bag and making sure each invoice is paid each time you get your laundry delivered. And don’t forget about the fact that you have to actually be physically present to go and pick up your laundry. You can’t be late, either.

At some point, you have to ask yourself how valuable your time is? If you want a hassle-free way of getting your laundry done, then it just may be time to consider subscribing to a laundry service. You can easily shave down those 10 hours a month you spend on do-it-yourself laundry with the help of Lavero Laundry. You’ll get to schedule your laundry pickup and get service right at your doorstep, just the same way you can expect your local Waste Management to pick up your recyclables, and that’s all thanks to our automated weekly service. As a member, you don’t have to wait, weigh your bag and pay every time. The Lavero team automatically provides weekly service. Even the monthly flat-rate payment is processed automatically. You can also expect your clothes to be handled with care, folded or hung on hangers by professional laundry experts based on your preferences and delivered to your pickup location within 48 hours.

Save time with monthly automated flat-rate payments based on the subscription plan you choose when you get your laundry delivered. You get to save $16 worth of gas or more and know what price to expect after filling out your registration form. You’ll get to relax as your laundry service takes care of your laundry for you and expect clean, folded clothes in as little as two or three days. It’s all taken care of for you down to weighing your clothes and folding them, too.

Spend time where it matters the most to you and free up your time by living laundry-free with the help of Lavero Laundry. We promise that your clothes will be laundered by professionals the way you intended for long-lasting wear and a lively look. Count on us to keep your concerns at bay so you never ever have to worry about scheduling laundry pickups or doing laundry again. It’s as easy as just signing up and simple to do with just a few steps. Just:

1.Download the app.
2.Choose your subscription plan.
3.Create your account.
4.Receive the Freedom Kit.
5.Fill up your bag for pickups.
6.And Sit back and enjoy your newfound freedom. Forever![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]