Is Your Household Laundry Ready for the Back-to-School Scramble?

Summers can seem pretty chaotic when you’re a working parent. The kids are hanging around the house, making messes and generally getting underfoot. If you’re lucky, you have the option of claiming some vacation time so you can watch over the brood. If you’re really lucky, you’re a teacher who can take the entire summer off. But sooner or later, your luck will run out. A new school will begin, and you’ll be facing piles of new organizational challenges — which usually means piles of laundry. That’s why the back-to-school period is a great time to school yourself on the benefits of using high-quality laundry pickup and delivery services.

Here Come the Clothes

Okay, summer has its share of laundry-related issues. Soggy swim trunks, muddy socks, and chlorine-scented towels take over the laundry room on a periodic basis. Hot summer days lead to sweaty articles of clothing, frequent changes, and daily washing.

On the other hand, everything seems to move a little slower in the summertime. Fashion-conscious children are suddenly content to wander the hall in pajamas instead of obsessing over what the cool kids may or may not be wearing tomorrow. Most of the summer clothes being worn and shed are casual, easy-to-wash items. You may even have enough downtime from your job to keep up with these minimal laundry demands from day to day.

Then comes August — and here come the clothes. Now you’re buying new wardrobes for family members, roaming the discount store aisles for school supplies, scheduling sports physicals or eye exams, and basically running yourself ragged. In a matter of days, your kids will be working that wardrobe, dirtying up sports uniforms and gym clothes along the way. In the meantime, you’re chauffeuring people to and from school and after-school activities while trying to keep up your own full-time workload. The pile of dirty laundry grows and multiplies. Welcome to another semester of insanity!

Laundry Subscription Services to the Rescue

Don’t send your kids back to school until you’ve sent your clothes to our wash and fold laundry subscription service. Why? If you’re in business, you may already understand the value of outsourcing in the business world. By outsourcing certain tasks to professionals who can do them well, you’re free to focus on those things that only you can or should do. You are the only one you should be doing your job. You may be the only one raising your children. But you are most assuredly not the only human being who can do your laundry. Outsource that job to our laundry and pick up delivery service, and you can get back to all the other crazy running around you must perform from day to day.

Of course you don’t have the totally swamped to see the attractions of this approach. Think about the amount of time and effort that goes into washing, fluffing, and folding laundry correctly. Hand those tasks over to our fluff and fold delivery service, and rest easy in the confidence that those tasks are being performed with skill, speed, and professionalism.

Taking advantage of a laundry subscription service couldn’t be easier. Simply schedule a regular day and time for us to pick up your pile, and within a short space of time you get those perfectly-folded, spotless, fresh-smelling clothes delivered right to your door. Need a button replaced? Want us to follow some specific directions? We’re happy to provide those extra touches to help your kids go back to school in style — and help you stay organized and sane in the process[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]