5 Ways that Lavero Laundry Can Save/Preserve Your Marriage

Any couple that’s been married even a little while likely already knows the three major subjects that will lead to a fight: finances, family (read: in-laws) and laundry. Even if the discussion starts out relatively benign, there’s a chance that it could deteriorate rapidly before you’re sure what happened. While we can’t help much with the in-laws, we can step in to relieve you of your laundry worries, and with those, some of the financial ones as well. Here are five ways that Lavero Laundry can save and/or preserve your marriage by taking laundry issues off your hands.

1. We Give You Free Time

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men and women spend a combined 22 minutes daily on laundry. That’s more than 2 ½ hours a week (and 5 ½ DAYS a year). When you subscribe to Lavero, weekends and free time are no longer wasted on laundry–take that extra 2 ½ hours a week to watch a movie or go out on date night. Instead of haggling over missing socks and shrunken jeans, you’ll be haggling over the last who gets the last onion ring. Plus, we guarantee that socks come back to you in pairs and jeans retain their shape (and size).

2. We Prevent Guilt, and Color Runs

The Lavero Laundry subscription service includes free stain removal, and we do our best to treat all stains (although we acknowledge that not every stain is removable). Never again will your mate mistake a red stain on your collar for something it’s not. We’re also experts at knowing what to wash together, and knowing what to keep apart. That means no cliché pink underwear: Colors stay true, just like your love.

3. We Give It to You Straight… and Flat

We know of at least one bride who wanted her wedding vows to include the phrase, “I shall never iron.” While we admire the sentiment, we realize that not everybody has an entire wardrobe of wrinkle-free clothing. Sometimes ironing is required. The great news is Lavero keeps you both from having to do it. When you subscribe to one of Lavero’s laundry services, we deliver your clothes back to you within 48 hours — fresh, washed, and either folded or hung neatly on hangers.

4. We Finish the Job

Face it: No two people do the laundry the same way. You may fold your T-shirts in tight thirds while your spouse folds them in loose halves. She may hang all pants while he may fold them and stuff them in the dresser. And don’t even get us started on the various ways of putting underwear away! But perhaps the most frustrating thing for couples is a load of laundry that makes it into the dryer, but never quite out of it, so you’re left picking the clothes you need out of the dryer as you need them. Lavero now only keeps your dryer from becoming storage space, but also helps you save on your electric bill because you’ll no longer have to run it.

5. We Are Your Helpful Third Partner

While we’re not polygamists, we do know the value of having helpful third person in a relationship–somebody who does the chores that nobody wants to do. Consider Lavero your helpful third partner, or better yet, your fairy godmother of laundry. While we won’t balance your checkbook or mow your lawn, we will take all of your laundry cleaning off your to-do list. Not only will we wash your everyday clothing, linens and even sneakers, but we also offer alteration, repair and dry cleaning services to our subscription customers. Contact Lavero Laundry today to find out more about our plans and rates.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]