20 Things You Can Do While Lavero Is Doing Your Laundry

Ah, summer. A time for rest and relaxation. A time to kick back and enjoy the outdoors. A time to let the worries and stress of the rest of the year just melt away.

Oh, no. Is that chocolate ice cream on your favorite white blouse?

There’s no getting around it: You still have to do housework in the summer. The time it takes to wash and fold a household’s worth laundry can eat up more of your time than you realize. If you’re not sure if Lavero’s laundry subscription service is right for you, think of what else you could be doing with those precious hours:

1. Go for a run.
It’s easy to find excuses to put off exercise, even in the summer. Letting Lavero do your laundry eliminates one more excuse!

2. Go for a swim.
It’s wonderfully refreshing and it works all your muscles. It’s really the best exercise you can do.

3. Take your kids for a swim.
They’ll thank you, believe us. And if you don’t have to run into the house to transfer your clothes to the dryer, you can keep a closer eye on them in the water – always a plus.

4. Take your kids for a swim at the beach.
You only get so many chances to do this before school starts.

5. Meet a friend for cake.
How many weekends have you had to cancel plans because of this or that errand? Now you can finally catch up!

6. Make a cake.
Something summery, with lots of fruit and cream. Everyone will love it.

7. Make a dish you saw in a magazine that looks really complicated but has been giving you cravings forever.
It’s always good to challenge yourself.

8. Plant a garden.
Remember helping your mom in the vegetable patch? Try starting your own.

9. Go to a farmers’ market.
Lost the green thumb? A basket of farm-fresh veggies and jam is the next best thing.

10. Visit that exhibit that looks interesting.
Only one more month until it leaves town. Don’t delay!

11. Re-finish the deck.
Sick of looking at that winter-battered wood? Now you can do something about it.

12. Read a book.
You can even read it on the deck.

13. Read a newspaper. All of it. Cover to cover.
When was the last time you could?

14. Patch up those nail holes you’ve been meaning to patch up all year.
People noticed. They were just too polite to say anything.

15. Take your dog to the dog park.
He’s happy to go for a walk anywhere, but he’ll be twice as happy to get some time with his pals.

16. Binge-watch two hours of YouTube videos and don’t apologize for it.
Everyone deserves some mindless entertainment once in a while.

17. Try out that language training software you bought a while back and forgot about.
Podria ser muy útil un día.

18. Shop for school clothes and supplies.
It’s not quite as fun as some of our other ideas, but it’s better to get it out of the way sooner. Besides, there’s something about it you secretly love. It’s that plasticky smell, right?

19. Shop for yourself.
How old are those sandals you started wearing again in May? Be honest. They look a little beat-up. Just a little.

20. Buy a giant roll of bubble wrap and pop every last bubble.
If you had the time, why wouldn’t you do that?

Now go back to the beginning of this list. How many of these things have you postponed because you had to do laundry? You may already have 20 reasons (or more) to let Lavero take it off your hands.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]