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How It Works


Select a subscription plan and a weekly pickup date that is most convenient for you.


Our driver picks up your clothes automatically on the scheduled date.


Your clothes are expertly cleaned by our team of professionals.


Your cleaned clothes are delivered back to you within 48 hours!

Lavero is a laundry subscription service providing you automatic weekly pickups and deliveries of your wash & fold and dry clean laundry. Without repetitive scheduling, the experience is so seamlessly you won’t even have to think about it! Choose one of our subscription plans that best fits your needs, subscribe, and you’re forever free from doing laundry!

Give us a try!

Why Lavero?

Convenient Subscription Service
  • No repetitive scheduling and payment. Only sign up for our subscription service, and you’re done for that! We automatically provide service weekly, save you at least two hours a month just to schedule pickups, weigh the bags and pay invoices on the delivery.
  • No minimum order or overflow charges. If your laundry fits in the bag, it will go.
  • No annual or monthly membership fee, you only pay for your wash.
  • No charge for stain treatments. *
  • No long-term contract, cancel anytime.
  • Save you money on gas, water, electricity and most importantly, your time.

No Hidden Costs
  • No minimum order. If your laundry fits in the bag, it will go.
  • No overflow charges. If your laundry fits in the bag, it will go.
  • No charge for stain treatments. *
  • No long-term contract, cancel anytime.

  • You’ll get to customize your laundry preferences for free. Just like the way you would do laundry at home.
  • Your clothes will be professionally washed and folded, or hung on hangers. They will be happier and last longer.

Peace Of Mind
  • We don’t go into your residence. Just leave your Lavero bag outside of your home or bring it to work, we will pick up and drop off at the same location.
  • We will redo your wash for free until you are completely happy. (Trusts us, we are fussy about our laundry)
  • We’ll send you pickup and delivery confirmation texts when our driver completes your stop.

*Although we do our best to treat stains, some stains cannot be removed. Air dry orders may require longer turnaround time, from 2 to 3 days. All stained and air dry items should go into the appropriate bags, and the bags should go into the Lavero Wash and Fold bag for pickup. All items or bags left outside of the Lavero bag will not be picked up.

What goes in the Lavero bag?

✧ Everyday clothing such as t-shirts, jeans, bathing suits, undergarments, socks, and stockings

✧ Towels ✧ Linens ✧ Bed sheets ✧ Baby clothes

Anything you think would be washable… If they fit in the bag, they will go.

That said, please make sure you put all the items you’d like to air dry in the Air Dry bag, close it to make sure the air dry items stay inside, and place the Air Dry bag in the Wash and Fold bag for pickup.

Our App is Coming Soon!

You can subscribe, change your subscription, track your clothes, update your payment information, and more…

Lavero Offers Free Pickup & Delivery


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